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Please, Visit My New Website

I’ve been waiting too long. eternal anticipation! So I took the plunge. Please, visit my brand new website at

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Okay, I’ve fallen into the trap of uploading “TMI”[1] to the internet. Fortunately, I seem to have gotten it down before anything disastrous happened. “Seems” is, of course, the operative word. The issue is trust. Without history to fall back … Continue reading

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Probably my favorite bird: The Indigo Bunting from Bird Watcher’ Digest

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      Some nice people try to tell me that at 63 I’m not old. Some days I feel old, but then some days, twenty-year-olds feel old. What is “Old?” The question pops up again and again. I remember … Continue reading

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A History Lesson on WHY Women CAN Vote in 2012

I think this unattributed email pops up every election, but because there are so many women’s issues and in danger, it touched me particularly deeply. “Ironed Jawed Angels” is available through Amazon, Netflix, and Blockbusters. TRUE STORY EVERYONE SHOULD KNOW! … Continue reading

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