profile3This blog sat bare since for the longest time. I was using it to allay the cyber fear in friends. Signing up, I’d tell them, is a name only function, free to set up, necessary for access to Jane’s Stories Press Foundation’s See Jane Write and other great blogs. As a professional writer, I have made money at the craft, but have not put in the necessary effort to stake a legitimate claim to that status. This stops here. It’s time to start committing, not just to this space, but to the space I take up in 3D.

Published as a journalist, fiction-writer, and poet, I’ve lived most of my life in the Chicago area. That means I’m pale and freezing in winter. Well, now I am. Awhile back,  I was impregnated with the Gastric Band and am giving birth to quite a new individual. The first hundred pound loss is the easiest of all pounds to lose. I’ve done it before, but I forgot how cold it can get with only two or three fewer layers of subcutaneous fat. As I suspect it would be much worse, I have no plans to experiment adding new layers of epidermic fat, and I have discovered that sweaters are easier on the lungs than rampant heat.

In summer I hibernate too. Heat is heat whether it falls out of the walls, radiates through a window, or rises from the center of the earth. It wraps itself around my face like a thick, dusty woolen scarf. No. I’d rather shiver in 60 degree or less weather than suffocated in a balmy 80.

Despite the weight loss, my body wanted to take its time adjusting.  So, now I’m back at the keyboard — which is going through its own metamorphosis. Change is good. Expect MORE!

Learn more about me at judymgoodman.net.

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