What Goes Around . . . ?

Someone once said you should always be nice to a writer because you may end up in a novel. Clearly that applies to blogs as well.

My friend Dr. Gerald Stein, a retired psychotherapist, writes a blog which I occasionally link to my Facebook page. His following is considerably larger than mine (over 4,000) rarely, if ever, do his comments cut — or, at least, attempt to cut. Recently, he received an angry, intentionally insulting comment which he decided to turn into a blog entry. Humans often find it difficult to read therapy-based essays without projecting. The trick is, I suppose, to limit your response to the essay (or therapist, debater, authority figure, friend) to the subject, rather than to let the rhetoric degrade into name calling. A nearly impossible task for too many these days — especially those with public pulpits.

What do you think? Stripped of the name-calling, did the commenter have a point? And what about Dr. Stein’s response? Please, read both blog entries before commenting.

Dealing with Online Criticism of that “Bald, Ugly, Old” Man: Me”

Beautiful and Smart, But Unlucky in Love: The Reasons Why

About Judy M. Goodman

Freelance writer, aspiring novelist, and board member of Jane Stories Press Foundation.
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